Use F/H mode on FT8!

As always, about 30% HAMs do not call in Fox/Hound mode on FT8. When I operate on “special” DX frequencies ending: 092, 922, 070 I always use Fox/Hound mode on FT8. Please, please do the same!

Set “Hound” in: File -> Settings -> Advanced -> Special operating activity.

Remember: call me above 1000 Hz.

2 thoughts on “Use F/H mode on FT8!”

  1. I’m a bit confused about your operation today on 10m, about 18:00 utc on Oct 31st.
    You had some qsos and then transmitted 90 FH – I presume this meant you were operating in Fox/Hound mode, however you were operating in the upper portion of the standard FT8 band, which I believe is not recommended. I haven’t done a lot of FH but so I’m not fully up to speed. thanks, Tom KF7NOP

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