8 thoughts on “QSL cards”

  1. Bella cartolina, spero di riceverla a breve per poterla inserire nel BOOK personale. Ciao Sergio IK8TNG Aversa….

    Nice , very nice QSL.
    I hope to receive it soon so I can include it in my personal QSL BOOK.
    Hi Sergio IK8TNG Aversa….

  2. Hello from VE3CV
    Tried to check the log and order a QSL card, but no joy, nothing works . Please advise proceedure.
    Many Thanks 73

  3. Hi – I had a little trouble trying to confirm our contact but now I see I’m in your log. I’ve requested a paper QSL and sent the fee. I’d greatly appreciate an LOTW confirmation as well if possible.

    Many thanks!

    Marc. NI3V

  4. Hi,
    I did the procedure to confirm the QSO,
    the confirmation on LOTW is very
    welcome thanks
    73 de Guglielmo IZ0GMS

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