QSO confirmations

Probably I will be out of Poland from January 2024 until May 2024. I will confirm direct OQRS requests received before Christmas 2023 but those received later will wait until end of May 2024.

4 thoughts on “QSO confirmations”

  1. Hello OM
    I am George SV1QN and today I rcvd the qsl for E51JAN. Thank you very much.
    I had 3 qsos 15, 30, and 12 meters band. Via LOTW is confirmed only the qso in 15 M.
    If it is possible to confirm also the 30 and 12 meters band via LOTW for easy credit to DXCC.
    Thank you and 73 de SV1QN.

  2. Hi! I am missing LoTW confirmation from you, could you please confirm?

    10m FT8 2023 Oct 25
    10m FT8 2023 Oct 27



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