Coconut VDA

As you probably know I was allowed only 14kg onto airplane to Manihiki. No amplifier, no additional poles, no more wires. I took only sloper for 12m. After some time my desire to have better antenna for this band was stronger and stronger. Finally I found some local materials and below you see result.

12m coconut VDA

View from the shack

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  1. Jan thank you so much for activating North Cook.
    I hope you had a great adventure and wish you a safe journey home
    de G0UWK

  2. Janusz, we kindly ask you to try SSB more on the ranges of 15, 17 and 20 meters for eastern and central Europe. At 100 watts it is possible. Thanks

    1. I know. I call CQ for 10-15 minutes and nobody answers. People are focused on FT8 and spots. Stations are not listning on frequencies in “old style”.

  3. I was so excited, being a ham operator for less than a month, to see your location on our QSO. I hope you enjoyed your trip there. It’s looks like a beautiful location. All the best, 73!


  4. Hi
    When we were on the island in 2019, there were 2 large boxes with material (coax, wire, tools, etc.) and a multi band vertical antenna from a previous DX expedition,
    This material was stored in the Kora family’s pearl farm, it may still be available and could help,
    best regards to Thomas, Haumata and Papa Pia (E51PT) from Dagmar and Rainer E51NPQ/AUZ

  5. Congrats to the amplifier. I was listening out for you every day- but never heard you. Best for Ireland is probably between 1700 and 2100 UTC. I never worked the North Cook Islands- it would be an ATNO for me.
    Hope to hear you before you go home again.

    73 de Michael/ei3gyb

  6. Hello Janusz,
    Hope you are enjoying your visit and operation! I finally heard you and we just worked on 10m FT8, You are now LOUD here in IOWA. Looking forward to catching you on a bunch of bands, but all I need is 6 meters from North Cook. Now that would be impressive with your coconut antennas!
    Have fun and stay safe. Erika K0DD

  7. After many days and hours of waiting to hear your signal, today’s arrival of your amplifier finally made it possible!
    Thanks for the FT8 QSO on 15m and North Cook Isl. as ATNO for me!
    The first great joy for me was when I received a report from you, and the second was when I saw my call sign in your log little while ago.
    Good luck with a rest of your DXpedition and maybe I will catch you on some other band before you leave.

    73 de 9A2M, Hrvoje

  8. finally heard you and worked on October 26 in 15M, I hope to hear from you and work in other bands.
    Se puoi aggiorna il Log grazie

    1. Sorry, no QSO. I gave you report several times but no answer from you. Probably wrong setting for F/H in your computer. Pse try again .

  9. Hi Janusz SP6FIH,
    tnx for qso Ft8 on 40m [ ready in log] and for qso 12 M FT8 today. I dont know exactly what happened on 12m SSB, can be a misunderstanding , i hrd clearly my call and you probably complaining of qrm my side i dont know, too much qrm to decode your comment; anyway i hope to be reported on your log for SSB 12m QSO. On the other hand, concerning qsl E51WEG and E6AF , not received yet, i sent everything direct to SP6CIK following your request and agreement with him.

    1. Hello Domenico,
      All stations should listen before they call. It includes you. Making QRM with long call when I try to receive weaker stations is not fair.

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