8 thoughts on “Hello HAM world!”

  1. Januszu gratuluję wyprawy. To bardzo kłopotliwa procedura by znaleźć się u celu. Mieliśmy juz QSO z czego bardzo cieszę się,że mogłem towarzyszyć tobie w podróży. Zazdroszczę pogody i klimatu otoczenia. Serdecznie pozdrawiam i życzę miłego pobytu.
    Marian SP2GBL

  2. Hello Janusz,

    I am trying to work you FT8 on 15m and 10m for a few days. My rig is 100w and CP-6S vertical ant.
    I saw many times that your PSK reporter see my signal well, but I never see any trace of your signal on my screen.

    Can you tell me what power are you running? I saw your antennas and I know that you have not power amplifier.

    GL with your DXpedition and hope to catch you for ATNO!

    73 de 9A2M, Hrvoje

  3. Reminds me of my stays on various US Coast Guard LORAN stations in the Pacific. Some islands (Iwo Jima, Marcus, Kure, French Friagite Schoals) only had about 20 USCG personal on the islands. Others (Wake, Kwaj, Johnston, Midway) were manned by USAF or USN with about 20 USCG and were restricted. Others (Palau, Yap, Ulithi, Siapan, Philippines, Fanning, Christmas) were populated with the native residents and were the more desirable assignments. Loved the lobsters, hated the sand crabs that got into everything. All the USCG LORAN stations had KWM-2A, 30L1 Amps, Mosley TA-33 yagis and homebrew long wires for their MARS/HAM operration. No internet, SAT phones back then

  4. Thanks for picking up my Call from Central Florida. I love getting the DXpedition contacts. It says so much about what you can do with limited resources. Again, Thanks for being there. Vic de KE8JWE

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